New heights 

Two glasses of Chardonnay and I’m already feeling as tipsy as a rubber duck at sea. Well, I guess we are off to a great start!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m 21, a senior politics and philosophy major, and while those around me are constantly impressed by my success I cannot help but see myself as average. Well, actually, only as of recently have I started to understand why people have been impressed by me since I was 5. I am not a child prodigy, no, I was just textbook dyslexic at a time when the world hardly knew what that meant, and I happened to be extremely competitive with myself.

So now, a girl once too terrified to get on a flight (my Irish mother had absolutely no time for such nonsense) is starting 2017 off with a European tour and the beginning of a year that holds adventure, destination, and graduation. I might not know where I’m going to be in 2018, but at the moment I know I’m heading to London. If this flight ever boards and stops delaying….


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