Day one done in London 

After traveling to and from Dublin for 21 years you would think I figured out how to beat jet lag long ago; surprisingly I have attended countless weddings and family gatherings struggling to keep my eyes open.

Now, almost 21.5 years old I have finally succeeded in conquering jet lag. After a 5, miserable hour flight without movies, to Iceland followed by a 2-hour flight to London Gatwick, I have unlocked the key to overcoming jet lag. Pinterest, as always, is all knowing. On the five hour flight, I finished a 33oz SmartWater popped some 3mg melatonin and took a few catnaps. On the 2 hour flight from Iceland to London, I took one more melatonin and conked out for almost the full 2-hour flight.

Lesson learned: hydration is key! Also, sleep when possible!

By the time we arrived to our Airbnb, all I needed was a fresh face of makeup, a new outfit, some dry shampoo, and to brush my teeth to feel awake and ready to go. Caeleigh on the other hand, was a trouper! Terrified of heights, and flying (as I once was) couldn’t get the sleep she needed.

Additionally she didn’t manage to finish her SmartWater. (As she proof read this she informed me that she dropped her water while waiting for the train silently saying byyyeee as it fell to its death) By the time we changed and were ready to go her eyes were bloodshot, she might as well have been baked, (tbh we wish we were) and she was in desperate need for caffeine. (Oddly she gets her caffeine fix from black tea)

Regardless of her exhaustion, being one of my amazing  friends since kindergarten, Caeleigh hit almost every tourist spot in London, navigated the tube and bus system and took countless basic photos of me. Top it off she waited an extra 20 min to let me have a second glass of wine at dinner (the wine was amazing and we were baffled by its clarity “it was as clear as water”-Caeleigh)   before heading home to get some much needed shut-eye before a long day tomorrow.

Day one, I suppose, I can call a success and while Caeleigh might be exhausted, she triumphed as a tour guide and a friend. Until tomorrow, goodnight London!


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