Day.5 in London before .5 in Paris

So it’s been a few days. Days 2.5 were very busy and filled with adventure. Day two help tourist attractions and shopping galore. Day .5, however, was the most interesting of all.

I suppose it started at midnight having drinks with Caeleigh’s friends. We managed to catch the night tube and arrive safely home. After a few brief hours of sleep, we went one tube stop over to the Tower of London, off with our heads!

Then we headed to Camden market. Of course, our luck has it that the tubes were all on strike. And returning home to collect our luggage took longer than anticipated. We had given ourselves a ‘fuck up hour’ in order to arrive at the airport on time and had lost it before even leaving for the airport.

Of course, I was frantic as we got in the uber to arrive at Luton about 30 min after we should have been there (eve if I already checked in online). Needless to say, we had enough time to freshen up, eat dinner and a few moments to spare before our gate number was posted.

Lessons I’ve learned: Camden, London (not New Jersey!) should be a first stop, I would have loved to have dinner and been there for the night! Second, always give yourself 3 hours pre-flight in a foreign country just in case the local transport lets you down, third calm cool and collected, it’s rarely as bad as you think… well at least until we go to Paris, but that’s s tail I’ll recap tomorrow.


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