Caeleigh Gets High(ts) on Day 2 in Paris

With nothing in hand, just our iPhones tucked away and crossbody purses under our coats, Caeleigh and I set out to conquer Caeleigh’s irrational fear of heights.

Keep in mind, not only have we taken three flights so far, we have also traveled together on several family vacations, none the less Caeleigh is absolutely petrified of heights. Naturally, I decided to purchase tickets to the summit of the Eiffel Tower. Luckily for Caeleigh the summit was under maintenance, so we could only go to the second level.

As the sun began to set we made our way to the top, I prayed Caele wouldn’t have a full on panic attack as the original elevator ascended on what felt like a 45-degree angle. Our charming tour guide reassured us the elevators were the best, after all, they were engineered by Americans  (did a Frenchman actually admit to American superiority? JK)

When we reached the top, Paris was lit up like a stage, spotlighting the leading actors. Across we could see the Louvre, Napoleon’s tomb, Arc de Triomphe, and boys playing on the football pitch. I began to remember the cool fall days, the air lingering with the last hints of summer, holding my breath on the sideline as my sister blocked a goal, or as my high school boyfriend scored one. It has been almost four years since I have sat on the sidelines, one of the hardest traditions to move when I started college.

As the clock turned to the new hour I awoke past plays dancing in my head to see the tower began to sparkle. Lovers attempted to kiss for the full 5 min display (it was once 10 but I suppose people complained about chapped lips). Once more I wondered what on earth two single girls were doing in Paris? Did we seriously think we were Mary-Kate and Ashley in Passport to Paris?

Regardless the view was stunning, I stuck my phone over the rail to snap a photo realizing I probably shouldn’t risk dropping it considering the trauma my poor phone had endured.


I looked out at the park we had explored earlier in the day, the shops we had yet to visit, and the timeline skyline spotlighting the oldest buildings and news in the city of Paris. I stood there with one of my oldest friends who endured her anxiety, so I could basic in the beauty of the city and tick Paris off my list before standing with my newer friends at graduation and entering the adult, unknowing of what has yet to be built on my skyline.


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