Packing for Punta: How to Save 5lb

Our theses are turned in and we’ve received the necessary three signatures. Comprehensive exams begin in two weeks, graduation is less than 100 days away, graduate school acceptances letters are starting to arrive, and the hunt for jobs has intensified.

Naturally, it is the worst, and perhaps best time, to blow the little bit of money in our forever depleting bank accounts, hop on a plane to a land where the sun is hot, water is clear, and the drinks are bottomless. Ah yes, it is time to be going on spring break.

I can assure you this will not be the Myrtle Beach spring break Americans have become famous for, no, this is much more of a winter detox while being consistently and moderately (hopefully) intoxicated. (Sorry mom, just being honest. On the bright side, I paid for the trip myself).

Speaking of paying for things, after about 9 months without shopping, I have relapsed and my roommate, Kate 100% enabled my addiction. In the last few weeks, we have essentially acquired brand new Springbreak wardrobes. In theory, this should make packing easier, simply pack our numerous new swimsuits, outfits, shoes, and accessories. In reality, we felt the need to pack all the above in addition to our summer favorites.


Since this is the second post I have mentioned my roommate Kate, I figure you should meet her, that’s her on the left, and that’s me on the right modeling some of our many new swimsuits


Fortunately, we agreed to share a checked bag (our friends are each checking their own). The two of us, have managed to pack a 45 lb bag holding approximately 100 items ranging from swimsuits to sunblock. (We had about 25 swimsuits for 6 days)

How did two girls manage to share a bag, overpack and still be below the 50 lb limit? We just listened to Pinterest (mostly).

Everything, apart from shaped swim tops and shorts, went into 1 gallon Ziploc bags. We proceeded to kneel, stand, and sit on them until we were sure we had squeezed out all the air in each bag.

To pack my notorious floppy hats, we tucked the delicate swim tops in the top of the hats and then lay them flat on the bottom of our suitcase and packed around them.

Shoes are obviously the heavier and most important items when packing. This was a moment when my mother certainly knew best. Shoes go into a roll-a-long carry on suitcase. This eliminates the risk of being overweight when checking a bag and saves you the pain of lugging them in a backpack.

We managed to each bring about 3 pairs of heels, 2 pairs of sandals, and our mini steamer (TSA laughed when they opened the bag, but it was actually the most useful item we packed).

To be honest, that’s it, simple enough, right? To test our method, Kate only packed her dirty clothes in plastic bags coming home (like I said we over packed so we had plenty of clean clothes). Our bag was exactly 50 lb on the journey home! The plastic bags removed about 5 lb!

17352717_10212233460420561_1328765229_nMoral of the story, if you like to have options when traveling, opt for Ziplocs, or invest in space bags. Whatever you use make sure you can pack the same way coming home. If you need to use a vacuum to take out air, probably not the best item to bring.



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