Traveling through 2017 hoping to end up somewhere between employed and my dream job. I have had the most amazing college experience, I will hate moving away from my best friends come May 20th. Although I am hopeful that my life will end up being a hybrid of Friends, Sex and the City, and New Girl.

I often write while waiting for a flight or procrastinating in my favorite place on campus, the Lib. I write so I can look back on the highs and lows, or what theories have preoccupied my philosophical mind. Generally, I watch the world to try and figure out the answers to the big questions. The trouble is, once you start asking them, you only find hard questions, all without answers.

After decades (well I guess its only been two) of confining my thoughts to a journal, I would share some tales with the few people who venture to read this.

Disclaimers: I’m dyslexic, sarcastic, and sometimes cynical. I am also secretly outdoorsy, adventurous and crunchy. With a love for tequila, rose, anything pink, and New York City

Instagram: @adventures_of_ashbash


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