This all started…

as I was traveling through 2017 hoping to end up somewhere between employed and my dream job. Well, I succeeded.

After an amazing college experience and the heartbreaking move away from my best friends, I am still trying to live a hybrid life of Friends, Sex and the City, and New Girl (if three guys have a loft and need a roommate let me know!)

I’m still wary of sharing just a few of the many thoughts which flood my mind. After ALOT of encouragement from friends, family, and people I never expected to give my work a read, well I’m still writing. I’m working on sharing more of the theories filling my philosophical mind as I watch the world and try to figure out the big questions. The trouble is, once you start asking them, you only find harder questions, all without answers.

I always ask you take my writing like a shot of tequila…with a (few) grain (s) of salt. So here it is, after decades (well I guess its only been two) of confining my thoughts to a journal, I’m offering them to the few people who venture to read this.

Disclaimers: I’m dyslexic, sarcastic, and sometimes cynical. I am also secretly outdoorsy, adventurous and crunchy. With a love for tequila, Rose, anything pink, and New York City

Instagram: @its_ashbash27

The Wikipedia Version

Ashling is a first-generation American raised in Ridgewood, NJ. At the age of sixteen, Ashling started a sub-business of her family company, Camp Rince Nua, where Irish dancers from across the world spend their summer perfecting their skills.
While managing her own business Ashling attended Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, the home to the New Hampshire Primaries. During her time at St. A’s, Ashling appeared on C-SPAN, Fox and Friends, and With All Due Respect. Finding it impossible to stay away from the newsroom, she became a production runner for WMUR News 9, ABC News, and NBC News.
She first met the Morning Joe team in 2015 during her junior year. Ashling joined the team as an intern in the summer of 2016 and continued to assist on road shows throughout her senior year. She officially joined the team full time, two days after graduation in the summer of 2017.




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